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Young tailors | bombay

February 15, 2021

street fashion mumbai street fashion mumbai

woman at a shop | Mumbai

February 11, 2021

street style mumbai

tania fadte | bombay

February 10, 2021

tania fadte mumbai

TJ Bhanu | bombay

February 10, 2021

portrait tj bhanuTJ Bhanu at a shoot in Bombay, styled by Kshitij Kankaria

Chingngamla | fashion week

February 9, 2021

_DSC0399-1Chingngamla from Manipur at fashion week in Bombay.

Preeti Dhata | Bombay

February 7, 2021

street style indiaPreeti photographed at Altamount Road in Bombay / styled by Nidhi Jacob

Virken for Anuj Bhutani | Bombay

February 6, 2021

virken raina virken raina

vir | Bombay

September 27, 2020

vir shete mumbai

“I don’t have a fixed routine, I wear clothes and make-up according to my mood and don’t care if it’s night or day.” – Vir Shete, Designer


photographed in Bandra West, Mumbai

richa | Bombay

September 5, 2020

richa dangeRicha loves to nap and a good rave.


photographed in Bandra, Bombay

Everyday Bombay / part 1

August 17, 2020

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priyanka bose | Bombay

June 6, 2020
priyanka bose mumbai

“As an actor I like that I am uncertain about my capabilities. That way I am able to surprise myself and do a lot more. I like to follow my instincts and am not scared to explore human conditions.”

clothes from no borders shop | Colaba, Bombay

sobhita | Mumbai

December 26, 2018

sobhita dhulipala street style india

How would you describe yourself?
Vulnerable. And gutsy.

List of things you love.
History. Hot beverages. Jasmine fragrance. Bathing in the dark. The smell of burning wood. Being on a boat. Passionate, uninhibited sex. Long travel hours in buses/trains. Photographing people. Cooking for special ones.

What do you do in your free time?
I’m an avid reader. I may be obsessed with cleaning, I find the whole process of household chores very therapeutic.

Strangest thing someone has ever told you.
‘I love you’ said in the tone of ‘I give up’.

photographed in Oshiwara, Bombay


seldon for Untitled co

December 14, 2018

fashion blog mumbai india

man on street | Bombay

November 4, 2018

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tanya | Bombay

October 23, 2018

tanya mehta in bombay

How would you describe your style?
My style usually consists of Betty Draper prints and graphic tees. Today’s outfit has a very diner girl vibe.
What’s your work at Grazia like?
It consists of writing about fashion in an academic and business sense. I love drawing parallels between daily life and consumer behaviour, finding out why people subconsciously dress the way they do and their mental and emotional processes behind it. I also write about lesser known designers and micro trends.
Which Indian designers are you following at the moment?
I love untitled co, urvashi kaur, eka, yavi, and 11:11.
What inspires you about Bombay?
I think the shutter speed energy of the city is curious because it can be absolutely overwhelming but also uplifting sometimes.
What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned so far?
Sometimes you really have to let go.
What’s your most used emoji?
What’s currently keeping you occupied?


Tanya Mehta | photographed in Bandra, Bombay


Maalavika & Shweta | mumbai

February 17, 2018

street style mumbai india

Asha & Sharon | mumbai

February 15, 2018

street fashion mumbai india

“We are coming from Onam celebrations at our college now on our way to hang at Sunlight Bar.”


January 20, 2018

gitanjali | Bombay

November 30, 2017

street fashion india art curator
Gitanjali Dang. Writer/Curator/Dog Walker.

What are you listening to at the moment?
esti teyikulign by aster aweke

Tell me a few things you love.
Emily Dickinson, a good challenge, Iggy, feminism, humming, Apocalypse Now, a good party, bananas, urdu, rolling in the mud, walking, hanging with animals, Meena Kumari, walking, not giving a fuck, an upright posture, adrenalin rush, Benaras.


Bandra, 2016.


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Loise | bombay

November 10, 2016

street style mumbai india

What are your worries at the moment?
My thesis, discrimination/prejudice, unequal rights, Trump.

List of things you love.
Bombay, Dress & Identity in India by Emma Tarlo, street dogs & cats, flowers, history and change, Blood Orange, reusing old clothes.

What are you currently listening to?
You Man – Birdcage.

What’s your most used emoji?
The happy face with heart eyes.

Mumbai. October 2012.
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