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Kelly | delhi

June 21, 2017

street style india

Kelly likes the Jenners.

— Kelly Khyriem from Shillong | for ELLE India


Delhi, November 2016.


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annabelle | Aizawl

February 19, 2017

street fashion mizoram india

“I feel like an alien in this town. I love badgalriri. I’m a thinker. I spend my days playing video games, going for drives to the hills, working out, listening to reggae, hanging at The Warehouse. Sometimes I go to the Church.”

— Annabelle | Aizawl, February 2017.


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Hannah | aizawl

February 19, 2017

street style mizoram india

“I’m awkward and quiet at times but I do the stupidest random shit when I get comfortable with someone. I am usually hanging out at my studio. I am currently listening to Don’t Leave by Mo. I like black, jogging pants, sleepovers, and feeling loved. My style inspiration is Gwen Stefani.”

— Hannah Khiangte | Aizawl, February 2017.


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Gypsy Woman Rajasthan | AnOther Loves

September 25, 2015

street fashion blog india

Gypsy woman details. On AnOther Loves.


Pushkar, October 2014.


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Sounak | bangalore

September 19, 2015

street style bangalore india

Where are you from?

What do you do?
I work as a designer and a stylist.

How was your childhood like?
Disciplined and structured. But liberal.

What did you want to become as a kid?
An actor. A singer. I used to sing and do theatre. I feel I should get back to it.

What are you currently listening to?
Something about you by Hayden James and a whole lot of Abida Parveen.

Where do you hang out here?
I like Tao. I love going to Fatty Bao. Love their food.

How would you describe your style?
I feel I don’t stick to any structure. Clothes are an extension of me. They are not more important than I am. They reflect how I feel at the moods.

What are you feeling like today?
I feel like getting a drink. I think I will go to Humming Tree.


Koramangala, Bangalore. 2014.


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Gazi | bangalore

September 17, 2015

street style fashion bangalore india

Where are you from?
Budgam, Kashmir.

What do you do?
I am trying to figure my own way out through modeling. I also just completed a South Indian film called Sankarabharanam.

What kind of character are you playing?
A psycho killer.

What are you currently listening to?
Who loves the sun by Nu & Jo Ke

What was your last weekend like?
All days are same for me. I don’t differentiate. I like sleeping early as I have my yoga routine.

Where do you hang out in Bombay?
Barista. I spend a lot of time at the airports while traveling so at a few south Indian food joints there. I also like Banana Leaf.

Is it the one in Versova? I used to live around there.
Yeah. It’s the best area.

If you were not a model, what would you be?
I believe in helping so I would probably be a nurse. I used to be a nurse actually.


HSR Layout, Bangalore. 2014.


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Sharon | dharamsala

September 6, 2015

street style dharamshala india

Likes lemon curd cake, Russia, and Sunlight.

Dharamshala, 2015.


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James | fashion week

August 13, 2015

street style india fashion blog

James, fashion stylist. From Aizawl.

Tell me something about yourself?
I was born and raised in Aizawl and moved to Delhi 8 years ago. I’m always excited about things fresh and young. I love RuPaul’s Drag Race.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be an entertainer. I was really into pop artists like Spice Girls, All Saints, Steps, No Doubt, Aqua etc.

How would you describe your style?
Retro and a bit of hip-hop.

What’s the best thing you saw on internet this week?
Alex Honnold Compilation 2014

A song you’re listening to on repeat.
Pretty Girls by Little Dragon


Fashion week, Delhi. March 2015.


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Traditional Mizo Skirt

August 12, 2015

street fashion aizawl mizoram india

Mizo puan.

Aizawl, Mizoram. 2013.


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