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Naya Daur

November 8, 2010

..or A New Era..a collection by Rohan Arora.

“Theme for this collection is Bollywood. These shoes are entirely handcrafted using techniques possible only by the human hand. They have been constructed by using a mix of screen and block printed fabrics, old Hindi film posters hand painted on khadi, and chicken legs leather.”

click on an image to see the enlarged view

Prints from the film – Sholay.

From the film – Hare Rama Hare Krishna. I don’t know the ones below.

This one is from Mother India.

Left – Shree 420. Right – Sholay.

I know the entire idea of having old Bollywood posters/actors on clothes, bags, cushion covers, coffee mugs is becoming a bit cliched, but I don’t think I have seen it go on footwear until now. Has anyone? And I quite like the last two.


Naya Daur is also a critically acclaimed Bollywood film set in post-independence India where industrialization is slowly taking over. The bad guy introduces the bus which threatens the livelihood of tanga walas(horse-cart owners). To decide what would stay, the bus or the tanga, the bad guy proposes a race to be conducted between both the vehicles…but the end the horse cart, driven by the good guy, wins the race.

Film poster for Naya Daur.


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