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women at the chennai railways

February 20, 2021

street style tamil nadu street style tamil nadu street style tamil nadu street style tamil nadu

Kanika Subbiah for Vogue India | Chennai

October 21, 2017

street style chennaiKanika Subbiah, Entrepreneur. Loves rain, Lorde, and hiking.


Chennai, 2014.


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Tanvi Shah for Vogue India | Chennai

September 10, 2015

street style chennai

Tanvi Shah. Grammy winning musician / Designer. 

Tell me something about yourself?
I love being outdoors. I also surf. I am a little old school and still write letters with a fountain pen. I’m also the first Indian woman to have won a grammy.

How would you describe your style?
I’m usually very tomboyish and I love a good white shirt with blue jeans. I can also be totally glam.

Do you have any fashion icons?
Princess Diana and Queen Rania.

Who are your favourite artistes and musical inspirations?
Bobby McFerrin. Sade. R.D. Burman. Asha Bhosle. Gloria Estefan. Roberta Sa.

What are you currently listening to?
Dance by Ciara.


Photographed in Chennai for Vogue India.


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Working Class

June 21, 2014

street fashion chennai india
Women selling beads and flowers at a temple in Mylapore.

street fashion chennai india
Man pushing his bhel cart at Marina beach.

July 2013, Chennai.

Day Labourer

June 17, 2014

Day labourer.

Photographed in Chennai in July 2013.