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Everyday Bombay / part 1

August 17, 2020

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Asha & Sharon | mumbai

February 15, 2018

street fashion mumbai india

“We are coming from Onam celebrations at our college now on our way to hang at Sunlight Bar.”

gitanjali | Bombay

November 30, 2017

street fashion india art curator
Gitanjali Dang. Writer/Curator/Dog Walker.

What are you listening to at the moment?
esti teyikulign by aster aweke

Tell me a few things you love.
Emily Dickinson, a good challenge, Iggy, feminism, humming, Apocalypse Now, a good party, bananas, urdu, rolling in the mud, walking, hanging with animals, Meena Kumari, walking, not giving a fuck, an upright posture, adrenalin rush, Benaras.


Bandra, 2016.


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1960, Bombay Schoolgirls| wearabout vintage

December 6, 2015

vintage fashion india 1960

Two school going girls.
c. 1960. Bombay, India.


“This photo is of my mother and her sister(in their mid teens) from the late 1960s. It was taken inside a flat in a heritage building in this area called Prarthna Samaj where many Gujarati merchants had initially settled and when Bombay was still being made.

My mom is the one in a pinafore at the back. She is a very strong woman. She went from wearing minis to wearing ghunghats to raising 3 kids on her own and now she works as a jewellery designer.”

– Sent in by Isha


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Lou Lou

October 25, 2010

Lou Lou is 65. She designs houses, gardens, and interiors.
Kurta dress/Shoes – Self designed
Pants – Fab India
Belt – Flea market at Anjuna Beach

The world was a mess,but his hair was perfect

May 27, 2010

…by The Rakes. I don’t like their music much but for using the title of their song and considering the fact that they’re no longer a band, i should give them some credit. This song was also used as the runway song for Dior Homme SS06 collection under the creative direction of Hedi Slimane who sort of promoted androgynous fashion back then. The only song I like by The Rakes is Little Superstitions but then that has nothing to do with this post.
The video of this song is not as bad as i think the song is plus it does sort of show the world in a mess. However, in the photos that follow, world is not in a mess. I mean, in a general sense it is but it is not evident by looking at the photos. Thus, Lord Buddha, who said, “suffering is an inherent part of existence” is used as a metaphor for the least some of it.

Vir’s house turned out to be a paradise of backgrounds. There were paintings everywhere. I stumbled upon an awesome lot preserved by Vir’s mother and that is where i found dusty Lord Buddha, sitting under a tree, in his trance like state.

“Buddha began his ascetic life by begging in the streets.” This made me wonder if that’s how the whole begging culture started. Wikipedia says – In many hindu traditions, begging promotes humility and gratitude towards the Universe and helps the spiritual seekers attain a state of bliss. Now that’s quite messed up!

“This look is sort of over-the-top and dramatic due to the hair and styling. I would wear this to an insane house party but I am most likely to spend so much time dressing up for a major event or a fashion week.”

Evidently, we were very excited about this look..that we shot against the Buddha, in front of a fruit vendor’s shop, against a grey wall at a construction site, against an auto, and a street sign.

“I am closest to my mother and she is a brilliant artist. She used to be create paintings before but now she works as an art curator.”

Silver v-neck t-shirt > Tommy Hilfiger
Electric blue pants > Mango
Belt > Fendi
Sequined jacket > Mango
Turquoise wayfarers > Mango
Python skin shoes > Charles & Keith
Green messenger bag > Aldo

So basically in this complex world of cause and effect, all things are conditioned and transient and have no real independent identity just like the Schwarzkopf Powerhold Hairspray With Cashmere Like Suppleness.

Ms Brightside

March 31, 2010

Avani,22. Hair stylist

Blue frog/bonobo

March 17, 2010
Prarthna Singh, 22. Photographer
Romper suit – Some flea market, China
Bag – Chloe

Janit, 28. Film maker.
Shirt/Trousers – shopped by his sister.
Hat/Shoes – Linking Road, Bandra
Reshma. Dancer.
Clothes – TUCHI.
( more on TUCHI soon)
Kalyani. HR consultant.
Top- Orange blossom, Lokhandwala
Skirt – Benetton
Mehr, 24. Stylist.
Dress – Mango.
Shoes – Tres mode


March 9, 2010
Vir Shete, 19. Make up artist/Stylist.
Hair – Be Blunt
Bag – Aldo
Shoes – Nine west
Everything else – Mango


Nikhil, 23. Stylist
Sunglasses – Paharganj
Blazer – Bangkok
Blouse – Sarojini Market, Delhi.
Tee/Shoes – Bandra street
Trousers – Part of uncle’s suit passed on to me
Bag – Aldo
Karan Berry, 27. The shoe designing shoe designer.
Pants/Bag/Shoes – self designed.
Arjun Saluja, 35. Designer
Self designed clothes.


Sacha the shopkeeper,28.
Clothes – Savio Jon.
Bag – Neil Dantas
Chappals from the street

Meghna, 28. Stylist
Shirt- Promod.
Skirt – Manish Arora
Bag & Shoes- Aldo.
Anindita, 21. Freelance photographer
Dress – Zara
Bag- Some puny shop, Oberoi mall.
Accessory – Amethyst, Khan Market, Delhi
Shoes – H&M
Anand Kabra, 35. Designer
Tee- Topman
Shirt – CK Jeans
Self designed Waistcoat
Pants – Fab India
Sohiny Das, 27. Fashion writer/stylist
Dress – Kallol Datta
Mom’s bag
Shoes – Tres Mode
Priya, 29. Journalist
Tee – An original from The Rolling Stones concert.
Blazer – Notting Hill, London.
Leggings – Linking road, Bandra
Shoes – Red, a vintage store in London.
Accessories  from all over the world.
Aindrila Mitra, 29. Editor.
Afghani harem pants worn as a jumpsuit – Camden, Bandra
Shrug/Bag/Shoes – H&M
Inderjit, 29. Creative director.
Shirt from some place in Spain
Pants – Boy London
Bag from Udaipur
Shoes – Zara

The girl who jumped

March 8, 2010

Due to all the commotion caused by her erratic jumping and my neurotic unsteady hands, I forgot to ask her anything, which is not that important i think.


March 7, 2010

Jagvir, 27- Designer.
Shirt – Vintage, self-designed.
Glasses – H&M
Bag – Sisley
Shoes – Tres Mode.

Shoes – Paul Smith.
Glasses – Mango
Cardigan – Comme des garcons.
Jeans – Zara.
Bag – Dries van noten(hiding behind his right leg)

Rifq, 27.
Scarf- Goa somewhere.
Top – Somewhere?
Leggings – Japan somewhere.
Shoes- Switzerland somewhere
Surilee, 23.
Dress – Izzo.
Bag – Accessorize
Shoes- Tres Mode
Diva, 20.
Necklace – Delhi somewhere.
Dress – BCBG
Shoes- Hong kong somewhere.
Bag – Iforgottoask.
Monali, 27. Stylist.
Dress – ASOS- Online store.
Shoes- Hong kong somewhere.
Bag – Tod’s.
Lakshmi, 21. Stylist.
Dress – H&M
Bag – LV
Belt – Aldo
Shoes- White peacock, Bandra.
Glasses – Mango.
Shweta, 21. NIFT Student.
Top- Gangtok  somewhere
Leggings – Meerut somewhere
Belt – Aldo
Shoes- Sarojini Nagar Market, Delhi.
Accessories- Colaba somewhere.
Parmesh, 33. Author – Gay Bombay.
Hat – H&M
Shirt – Abraham & Thakore
Jeans – Spykar(my ex-workplace)
Tie – Harajuku
Belt – NY Flea market
Bag – Sanchita.
Shoes – Gucci
Siddharth, 22. Model.
Tee – His own company- Dress Master?
Jeans – Levi’s
Shoes – Puma
Sameer Reddy, 31. NYT.
Tee – April 77
Pants – Nikasha
Shoes – Some village market, Spain
And the term for these pants is…?
Nikita, 19. Graphic designer.
Top/Leggings/Bag – Benetton
Shoes – Aldo
Ratika, 27. Product designer.
Top/belt from the Street
Shorts – Mango
Bag – Rocky S
Shoes – Charles & Keith
Nikhil, 23. Stylist.
Shirt – Colaba causeway
Tee – Hill road
Pants – Chaitanya Rao
Bag – Aldo
Shoes from the street
Vir Shete, 19.  Make up artist/Stylist.
Belt – D&G
Bag – Aldo
Shoes – Metro
Everything else from Mango
Nidhi, 24. Assistant fashion editor.
is wearing her father’s spectacles.
Bag – Ranna Gill
Dress – Niteline/Two decades old/Some bandra street/300 Rupees
Shoes – some-local-store
Karan Berry, 27. The shoe designing shoe designer.
Bow tie – Debenhams
Spectacles – Cavalli
Tee – Benetton
Pants & shoes – Self designed

All yellow

March 1, 2010

Rida Gatphoh. ..was my batchmate at NIFT. She worked as a designer for a few years, got bored, started to work on her music more seriously…then something happened..she left Bombay, and is now teaching at NIFT, Shillong.

Overalls – Junker jeans. Barcelona
Tee & Shoes – From the street. Bangkok
Update: Rida is singing in her first music video – OST for My Daddy Strongest.
Music composed by : Rida & JD together

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

February 20, 2010

Tee – FCUK. Chappals – Linking Road. Bag – Art Oxygen by Neil Dantas


Girl on the right was dressed as a character from some pixie tale..umm..the wobbly shoe? It’s a shame i couldn’t click from the front.

Could these be used for my garden? But..i don’t have a garden!


Now some fancy patchwork, intricate embroideries & well-thought-of text on denims…