man drinking tea | Jodhpur

February 16, 2021

rajasthani man

Loesel on Losar | dharamshala

February 16, 2021

tibetan losar dharamshala

Lily Tekseng for ELLE India

February 15, 2021
street style delhi ELLE IndiaHow would you describe your style?
Feminine, preferably clean silhouettes, with elements of firmness. I like making an effort in putting an outfit together but also enjoy projecting seriousness and strength.
Are you inspired by anybody from popular culture?
I like the women in Fellini films. They brim with timeless elegance, drama, and sheer breadth of character. Utter treat to watch. I’d also have to add women in Bunuel films (ironically) and the wonderful Diane Keaton to the list.

— Lily Tekseng, MPhil scholar from Yingkiong, Arunachal Pradesh / photographed in Delhi for ELLE India, Soul Sisters

Young tailors | bombay

February 15, 2021

street fashion mumbai street fashion mumbai

Priya Kishore | art of the trench

February 14, 2021

street style india art of the trenchPriya Kishore for Burberry Art of the Trench in Bombay.

carol humtsoe for Pero | Delhi

February 14, 2021

carol humtsoeCarol for pero in Delhi / styled by Vibhash Sharma

Kaka for Bhaane

February 13, 2021

kaka for bhaane street style delhiKaka from Manipur, styled by Tania Fadte / photographed for Bhaane in Delhi

pilan & mhathung at a naga wedding

February 13, 2021

Pilan & Mhathung at Mhathung’s sister’s wedding in Dimapur, Nagaland.

Imkongienla jamir | dimapur

February 12, 2021

street style nagalandImkongienla in Dimapur for Harper’s Bazaar.

woman at a shop | Mumbai

February 11, 2021

street style mumbai

ruchika sachdeva | delhi fashion week

February 11, 2021

ruchika sachdeva delhi fashion week

tania fadte | bombay

February 10, 2021

tania fadte mumbai

TJ Bhanu | bombay

February 10, 2021

portrait tj bhanuTJ Bhanu at a shoot in Bombay, styled by Kshitij Kankaria

Chingngamla | fashion week

February 9, 2021

street fashion indiaChingngamla from Manipur at fashion week in Bombay.

Radhika for Abraham & Thakore

February 8, 2021

radhika bopaiah delhi fashion weekRadhika Bopaiah for Abraham & Thakore / backstage at delhi fashion week

Preeti Dhata | Bombay

February 7, 2021

street style indiaPreeti photographed at Altamount Road in Bombay / styled by Nidhi Jacob

Virken for Anuj Bhutani | Bombay

February 6, 2021

virken raina virken raina

Jacinta & Anna in Sunday Best | Aizawl

February 5, 2021

mizoram street style mizoram street style mizoram street styleJacinta & Anna photographed at the church in their Sunday Best in Aizawl, Mizoram.

Melissa x Lune

February 5, 2021

portrait photoMelissa from Mizoram, photographed in Delhi. Flower by Karma.

manglien | delhi fashion week

February 3, 2021

men street style delhi“That spring I was in my 2nd year of college studying Applied Psychology. A friend of mine gave me a back row pass for I believe it was Abraham & Thakore. The evening before, I went to the mall and bought a school-girl skirt with borrowed money because if I didn’t wear that then and there I wasn’t going to do it anywhere else – I was 20 for heaven’s sake.

You were the only person who took photos of us, asked us things and actually talked to us. I thought fashion week was the place to be – I pretended I was brave and fearless, didn’t care much about the shows as much as I cared about sitting idly in one of the benches like the rich people waiting for the next show in their designer sneakers.

What drew me towards fashion was pure admiration for beauty and style. What drew to me to the week was the audacity of the crowd being themselves so freely, which I hadn’t seen in college.”

— Manglien S. Gangte, from Manipur, studying in Delhi / photographed at fashion week, 2017