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Hi, I’m Manou. I used to live in Bombay. I’ve been travelling since October 2013.
Find me on instagram here: photo journal – man0u   // blog – wearaboutblog 
I am currently in Mcleodganj, Delhi. AurovilleMcleodganj. Auroville. Bombay. Dharamkot. Nagaland. Andamans. Auroville. Tiruvannamalai. Rishikesh. Spiti. Mcleodganj. Aizawl. Delhi. Auroville. Bombay. Delhi. Vrindavan. Mysore. Bangkok. Dimapur. Imphal. Delhi. PushkarBombay. Mcleodganj. Nagaland. Pushkar. Delhi. Leh. KeralaResidency in Bangalore / Thimphu  / Shillong / SikkimDharamsala  / Delhi / Bombay 

For enquiries/collabs, mail me at wearabout@gmail.com
//** Exhibitions: V&A, London (Oct 2015 – Jan 2016 ). Burberry, Art Of the Trench (Feb 2012. The Oberoi, Gurgaon.)
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Commissioned work: V&A Museum. Tommy Hilfiger. Yahoo StyleWallpaper*BurberryBungalow 8. HT Brunch. Madura Garments. CosmopolitanGQ India. ELLE India. The Hindu. Vogue India.

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  1. wearabout Says:

    Thank you!

  2. Anuj Agarwal Says:

    Hi Manou,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog wearabout has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Indian Fashion Blogs on the web.


    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Indian Fashion Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


  3. Aman Says:

    I am Aman, Brand manager for Hubsch at Hubsch India Pvt ltd.We are launching High quality Designer Gowns under brand name Hubsch, This email is regarding Blog Influencer campaign,
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    […] Manou […]

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  6. Bare Pages Says:

    Hiya! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! For more details about this fun blogger-to-blogger award, check out my blog post at http://bare-pages.com/2016/01/24/liebster-award/ xo

  7. Megha Says:

    Wow, nice layout of blog and amazing pictures. Had to scroll down so much to actually write a comment, such a long list! Have just started a blog and I wish some day even I have such long list of comments.:)

  8. wearabout Says:

    Thank you.

  9. Shruti Says:

    Hey Manou!

    Came across your blog today and loving it! I love the photographs! They make me nostalgic for some reason! Looking forward to your future posts and yes come to Chandigarh! 🙂

    Thanks and Goodluck!:)
    Here is my blog! – https://shrutidhiman.wordpress.com/

  10. Sonia Mehta Says:

    A very neat and crisp blog.

  11. wearabout Says:

    Thank you and that’s great! Good luck to you. (Sorry about the late reply)

  12. wearabout Says:

    Thank you Coleen!

  13. wearabout Says:

    I think you’d mailed me as well and I replied to you there.

  14. wearabout Says:

    Thank you!

  15. wearabout Says:

    Hey Sanjana. Sorry about the late reply.
    I can only suggest the places I’ve been to. For thrift shopping: bara bazaar/police bazaar in Shillong, Wednesday market(near supermarket), the big market in town near the railway line(forgot the name) in Dimapur.

  16. wearabout Says:

    Hey Manaswini. I am not sure if I understand ‘personal expenses’ correctly. During your FD course you would need to spend money on basic stuff like fabrics, threads, and different kind of tools that are required for garment construction/pattern making. Similarly you would be required to spend on tools for other subjects. But they are minor expenses really and will depend on you and how you want to execute your ideas and how much you want to spend on what you think is important. In general, your personal expenses greatly reduce after the 1st year — once you have ‘settled in’.
    After graduation, you could find work as a designer(clothes/textile/graphics), fashion stylist, fashion writer, pattern maker, fashion consultant, photographer, trend forecaster, etc. It depends on where your interest lies and what you are good at(which you will figure out during your course) as the work can be diverse within the fashion industry.
    Hope this helps.

  17. Manaswini Says:

    I m in great comfusion. Whether to do fd from nift or engeenering frm nit? I m from a middle class family. And i have heard that the personal xpenses other than fee is much more. Kindly suggest a solution and also career oppurtunities after nift.

  18. Sanjana Samuel Says:

    Hey Manou, love your blog. The pics are so candid and fresh. My friends and I are planning to travel to the North East, it’s going to be a combination of exploring the places as well as experiencing the fashion there. Any tips on which all cities to explore and where are the best flea markets and fashion bloggers we can meet up with?

  19. Almond Syiem Says:

    Hi Manou, stumbled into your blog and was pleasantly surprised to see so much of my hometown Shillong here. The photographs seem to come alive and it made me miss home a lot. Thank you.

  20. martine Says:

    we have a store in Cannes, south france and are looking for some people in new dehli, with a “good fashion-eye”to help us to buy
    beautifull bags ( banjara style….)
    do you know somebody able to do that work for us?
    for example, take pict on BANJARHAT market of bags to begin….

  21. Manou Says:

    Thanks Will.
    Umm..I’ve been writing my dreams too every now and then. You should start publishing yours.

  22. Manou Says:

    You will.

  23. Coleen Says:

    HI Manou, please continue to feature frequently India’s fashion style. I often visit your blog. I hope to visit India soon. More success. Coleen from the Philippines.

  24. partisan Says:


    I got curious by the fashion pictures on your blog. But there was something that bothered me and I had to mention it to you. I understand the fashion fads in India are reproductions of European and American trends and I seldom find fashion thats truly original and of what I would call personal or contemporary.

    Anyway, there were some pictures you took that were different. It was the ‘working class in fashion week’ 2013. These pictures were distant, people were distant. Very different from the other pictures that shows the ‘model’. Also its unclear if you ask the permission of the people photographed. I really wouldn’t bother to write as there are several opinions and people on the web but as you live in Delhi, and work as a photographer, its close to the bone.

    In this case, the observer (i.e. camera) seem to convey the difference of class in the observed by giving them different levels of dignity.

    Do you do it for the irony?

    I will appreciate your thoughts.


  25. Sukanya Senapaty Says:

    i just went through you blog and i must say i love it!i like how you have captured the people and their ways at such beauty
    i too have a blog and though its not about fashion its still a start 😀 its about the places i visit and the ones i like.

    check it here http://after8scenes.blogspot.com

  26. therednotebookblog Says:

    Hi Manou
    Great blog , I get a lot of inspiration from street style and watching other people. I started my blog and website last year and aspire to become a stylist. My blog is a platform for me to express my creativity through fashion and styling. Have a look at my links below would love your feedback

  27. appleblossommy Says:

    Hello Manou. More than glad that I stopped by and had a 15 minutes of visual delight of beautiful street photography. I happened to model once for Bhane and through reading came across your blog:) One more fan/follower in your long list.

    If you have spare 2 mins, do drop by to check my penning. would love to get your feedback. Cheers.


  28. Wrolf Bronesby Says:

    Manou, i’ve got so many more dreams written to share! Your work is excellent. I’ve included you in a list of recommended friends here: http://theastro.tumblr.com/comrades let me know if you’d prefer otherwise.

  29. Komal goel Says:

    hey, i recently started following your blog, and i was bowled over to find such amazing stuff on an Indian blog. I love almost all the posts you have written and I have read so far. You have a new stalker 🙂

  30. Neha singh Says:

    Hey Manou!
    This Blog has now become my favorite blog! I am new in the blogging scene and I was told by a lot of people about your blog and now I know why!
    Its brilliant!
    love each and every picture!

  31. Manou Says:

    Hey! If you use them online somewhere just give a link back to my blog. That’s all.

  32. kesardeo@gmail.com Says:

    What is policy of using ur images ??
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from !DEA

  33. soph1920 Says:

    Just another westerner who visited India, fell in love and longs to go back and explore more. Your blog is the next best thing until I can make that happen. The style I saw in India was so unique, mixing traditional with modern and in vivid ways that were so eye-catching. Keep up the good work, Manou, and stay stylish, India.

  34. Shivangi Sharma Says:

    I recently came across your blog and found it fresh and a pleasure to read!

    I work with BarCode91.com and am usually very stingy about giving out complements 😉 Good Job! Congratulations to you on your wonderful blog.
    I will come back often to read more 🙂

    – Shivangi

  35. wanderlustdhanya Says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and glad I found it. Spent my entire lunch break surfing through your blog, you’ve got yourself a new follower. 🙂 http://voices-in-my-head.net/

  36. Manou Says:

    Hello Hema. I’m not too keen on having any advertisers on my blog at the moment; want to keep it ad free. Thank you for writing.

  37. Manou Says:

    Hey Pallavi. You can contact me on my email listed above in the description.

  38. Manou Says:

    Hello. The email address listed above in description is active. However, I’d prefer not to receive any information about brand happenings. They are of no use to me.

  39. tanya anand Says:

    could you please send me an active email address of yours. would like to inform you about brand happenings.

  40. Pallavi Says:

    Hi Manou,
    Just went through your blog, it’s quite interesting. It reminds me of the street fashion images from this fashion magazine called Nylon.
    I’d like to feature you in one of the Taj Group of Hotels publication. Please tell me how I can get in touch with you.

    – Pallavi

  41. Rimi Says:

    Hey Manou. I met you at Aurus two weeks ago. Sorry, I acted like such a dork(and about injuring your foot haha). I love your blog.
    Write to me when you have time.

  42. Esha Singh Says:

    Hi, We would like to showcase your images under a special editorial.
    Pls let me know in caes you are interested.

  43. Anuja Deora Says:


    When would you be available in Mumbai? Need to discuss some assignment with you.


  44. thejatsukru Says:

    hoping to see more of your works from NAgaland!

  45. Nistha Says:

    Hey, I started a fashion marketplace for gently used bridal and partywears – http://www.festsy.com We also have a blog where I would love you to guest post.

  46. Anon Says:

    Very Interesting Blog for guys. I wish you could have a separate category dedicated to Men’s Street fashion (of-course within India)

  47. hema vinothini Says:

    hi your blog is just amazing ..too cool pictures and the clothes are too quirky .im interested in advertising my sarees hows can i proceed further
    thank you.

  48. stylesaute Says:

    Hey Manou, I’m interested to invite you as a guest blogger on our blog here at http://stylesaute.wordpress.com/. Can you drop me your number at shruti@stylesaute.com

  49. Amandeep Singh Says:


    We’re interested in advertising on your blog / website. Let me know if you’re interested in discussing further about it.


    Amandeep singh

  50. Manou Says:

    Thank you Archit. Of course I remember you. Email me and tell me what you are up to.

  51. Manou Says:

    I like doing dishes myself. But maybe you could cook some food for me?

  52. Özlem Says:

    Hi Manou
    REALLY BiG Congratulations for doing such a good blog. I love your blog..please go on and dont stop :))

  53. Maria Says:

    Stumbled upon this one while looking for stores in Bandra. Pleasantly surprised. You\’re like the Indian Sartorialist. I think I picked more than just the lovely pictures. Keep blogging.

  54. bollywoodblogger Says:

    Hi, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award; please visit my website for more details.

  55. richard Says:

    Your Show case is the real Shillong http://www.myphotospeak.blogspot.in

  56. richard Says:


    I am from Shillong and have gone through your blog.Its really awesome to see such beautiful shots in our city where different ethnic group are living.Shillong is the home place of the Khasis.But one will really amazed with the different ethnic group residing here.And I can say its a cosmocity of the East India.

    Me too an amateur photographer.Visit my blog for more photos of Shillong and Meghalaya http://www.myphotospeak.blogspot.in

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    […] Farben, und dabei mal eben ganz andere Eindrücke und Looks aus der Sicht des Fotografen Manou, welcher uns so die Art Indiens ein wenig näher […]

  58. Jason Menezes Says:

    Hello Manu,

    This is surely the most interesting fashion blog, I’ve seen in a long time.

    Not sure which city do you call your home. I would love to connect with you regarding an event which I want to invite you for in Mumbai. Do mail me your contact details to take this conversation forward.

    Continue blogging the good stuff 🙂

  59. aveek bhattacharya Says:

    Hello Manu!!!
    3 months have gone by since your last post….eagerly awaiting the new…

  60. Nistha Tripathi Says:

    nice work! I am launching a fashion startup in India – http://festsy.com and while the product is in dev, our blog is already live. I would love to talk to you about it, check it out – http://blog.festsy.com I am looking for unique fashion writers, please email me if interested nistha@festsy.com

  61. Sahib singh Says:

    The blog is amazing …
    I would love to be a part of it…
    I click pictures for a living…
    And i would love to show some samples..
    If interested please mail me at

  62. scribbleofhappygoluckygal Says:

    sucha a nice compilation..ENVY..;):) never goto think of people and fashion the way you do..!!!

  63. Danielle Says:

    I love your blog, I am an African american woman and have always been intrigued about different cultures, especially India’s culture. This blog is so creative and unique. 🙂

  64. Samantha Says:

    My name’s Samantha, I work for American Apparel, the fashion and basics company. I came across your site this morning and I wanted to email to see if you might be open to discussing advertising.

    We work with a lot of the biggest fashion sites, like Karla’s Closet, Zanita, Chic Muse, Fashion Toast and many more. The way our deals work is that we pay $10 each time someone views or clicks an ad on your site and then makes a purchase of any size from one of our online web stores. You can run the ads as much or as little as you want, and you can cancel at any time. I can’t disclose figures, but we do pay well–some sites make a couple hundred dollars a month, others make a couple thousand. The higher the traffic, the better they convert. We change the ads all the time to make sure its interesting and fresh.

    Anyways, we’d love to work together. If you’re interested, just let me know. I’d just need to fill out an insertion order with you and we can start serving same day. If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


  65. Archit Bharadwaj Says:

    hey manou….it’s archit here!!! hope you remember…so how have you been???? and i must say i loved what i saw on your blog….amazing pics!!!! and less pretentious!!!i didnt really have much idea about people documenting street fashion but now when i see wearabout its truly great to see…especially when it’s from you!!!keep going bro…..

  66. Sabine Says:

    hi manou, we featured your great blog on our blog modepilot.de (Germany) today. hope you are fine with it… best, sabine

  67. Becky Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly loved surfing around your posts. And I hope you post more very soon!

  68. Yousuf Rangoonwala Says:

    Hi Manou,

    Must say, excellent stuff you’ve got going here!

    I work as a strategist at an ad agency called BBH (www.bartleboglehegarty.com) in Mumbai. We’d like to invite you to our office for a tete-a-latte and show us your work, talk about yourself, why you do what you do and what you do with what you do. We’d also like you to give us some insights on rural Indian fashion, urban Indian youth fashion, what role you think fashion plays in forming the Indian youth identity today et al.

    Would you be interested? If yes, can I call or email you to discuss this and take it further?


  69. Sophia Says:

    I am so happy I found your blog! I was just in Bangalore last month and upon my return to the states I was kicking myself for not taking more pictures of the brilliant, unique street style I got to see there. It was such a lovely palette of traditional, modern and in-between. I hope Indian style maintains that vivacious quality that elevates it beyond the blue/grey/black/beige monotony that you see a lot of here. Keep up the good work!

  70. Finnja Says:

    Hello I love this blog. I come from Germany and I LOVE FASHION!
    I like the colourful and the black, the casual and the glamorous. I like the conservatice and the unusual fashion. I love them all and i live them all. This blog is fantastic.

  71. aveek bhattacharya Says:

    Love this blog !!
    People in the Indian streets have always inspired me ….
    I would like you to visit Kolkata & make a cover story on the fashion sensibilty of this city…
    And, ofcourse there are these new age designers like Kallol & Dev r Nil who can collaborate with you on a project …
    I am a designer myself and would love to work with you in the future…
    Till we meet, let’s be in touch.
    Take care, Aveek

  72. devika Says:

    just found ur loved going thrg it
    great going

  73. lawan Says:

    cool man i love the pics from shillong,,, people , india ,, streets ,, areas, culture ,, dress,, etc bla bla bla ..


    good blog.

  74. pooja Says:

    I love wat u do!! U can do even better!

  75. Man on the moon Says:

    saw you here….http://riteshuttamchandani.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Lakme-Fashion-Week-2012/G000095h0bZsy4W8/I0000ilGMuPOZgN8

  76. Kunal Bhatia Says:

    What lovely photographs. The way you capture people and their presences is truly amazing. Not really interested in fashion, but I keep coming back to your blog for the visual documentation that you provide. Best wishes.

  77. Anjali Says:

    HI Sweety…Dont know if you remember me from NIFT. Do write to me if you do at thefenchcurve@gmail.com
    Anjali Sharma

  78. Kaveri Geewhiz Says:

    Hi Manou.
    I’ve been avidly following persons like the man repeller and the sartorialist,to name a few.
    Pleasantly kicked to come across an Indian fashion blogger with a personal statement, cleanly designed site(!) and focus on individual style rather than purely retail brand/celebrity value Your site makes me happy for all mentioned reasons.
    Do continue to be the same 🙂

  79. Jeeya Says:

    OMG you’re a guy?!? LOL, no offense, going through your fabulous blog posts I somehow pictured you as a woman. Guilty as charged (on stereotyping fashion blogs with the female population)!

    I think this newfound discovery has elevated the respect a couple notches higher in my eyes now 🙂 …. I’ve already said it on a few posts……… but will say it again anyway:
    LOVE your blog! Love your work…..

    I’d greatly appreciate your inputs on my blog (on Indian Art & Fashion)… Do share your thoughts!!! Thanks…


  80. Suraj Says:

    Must take some iron to take those pictures, especially the everyday ones. Thrillingly, spectacular. And they don’t even seem to be intrusive. you know what I mean? x

  81. Alisha Says:

    I loved your blog, its so beautiful…It just reminds me of those colorful roads of India, where I grew….simply awesome!

  82. Sabiha Ghiasi Says:

    I love your blog! Style me and I’ll do your dishes!

  83. indian yarn Says:

    necessity beckons
    the street inspires.

  84. Priyalisa Says:

    really find your blog very refreshing and interesting, have not really spent this much time going through a blog before, think it is a great representation of my home town 🙂

  85. Pragati Says:

    Fantastically Awesomeee blog it is!!!!!!!!!keep up the good work…..street Fashion has always Alwayz inspired me….and the mini interviews are the cherry on the cake!!!!!!!


  86. Sonali Pattnaik Says:

    Hi there! I am one of the many people you photographed at the NH7 weekender and i was weary about showing my face and generally being captured on camera- the quick background to that- i am a feminist prof and worry about fragmentation of the body- but i did go through your blog and i think your work is political and brilliantly exciting, so i feel privileged to have met you. As an artist your work exudes of queerness and eccentricity and is inspiring. to someone who deems herself one. Congratulations on your lovely work- its good to be proven wrong sometimes 🙂

  87. Ash Says:

    Street fashion has finally come of age in India. I was wondering if you would like to collaborate with us for a guest post on our blog?

  88. varun Says:

    Hello! Is there an email i could get in touch with you on?

  89. Veda Says:

    On a night where i was feeling rather uninspired, I stumbled upon your blog and found myself reading your posts beginning to end. Your blog is incredibly refreshing! Thank you for that, and keep the posts coming 🙂

  90. shruti Says:

    great work! seriously!

  91. komal Says:

    I wish you would take an apprentice, i am so mesmerized by your work !!!

  92. Ruchi S Says:

    Your work is amazing & so different than other blogs. I wish you posted much more regularly. Please be regular?

  93. June (@junebiswas) Says:

    Your blog is really cool! I’m surprised I discovered it so late! I love your eye for fashion. And some off the stuff you’ve posted is deep 🙂


  94. Judith Roma Miranda Says:

    Inspiring blog.. thanks for sharing 🙂

  95. Swetha K Says:

    Hi Manou,

    I love your blog not just because its about India but also because it appears that your photos communicate not just that you like the image the person makes against the backdrop but also because somewhere it communicates what life might be like for the subject.

    So it ends up that I still like looking at all the men’s fashion related images which I’m not inclined to do on other blogs.. 🙂

    Thank you for the photos.


  96. Manish Says:

    hey….nice blog…i loved ur work…

  97. Anup Says:

    you have a very unique style and the quality of ur images are refreshing inspite of it being shot in india, very pro. if i may ask. wat camera do you use? I would like to know more about your discoveries/inspiration as well. i think i need to follow u on twitter for that.

  98. Aayushi Jagad Says:

    I took your advice, i started writing a blog yesterday, its gonna take some time to get used to it though, im not exactly what you call tech savvy. Eitherway, thank you so much, and one more thing i’d like to say. You’re somewhat of a genius, i’ve been following your work since you got published in elle, and i must say, i’d really like to work with you someday, not for you, for me… And please, do take a look at my blog, if you get the chance. Its called Couture Diaries.

  99. Thungcho Gloria Sangma Says:

    Such a visual treat!!!Keep up the good work

  100. silentwhisperss Says:

    Manou..great work…loved the idea..the concept and simple, effective and yet beautiful execution…


  101. Roanna Fernandes Says:

    Very interesting. I’m going to stop by for more doses of Manou. 🙂 I especially like the people profiles you’ve done.

  102. a@yahoo.com.au Says:

    Hi, I thought I was the most fashion forward Indian in Australia. But I’ve certainly got nothing on the people on your blog. Such fine, unafraid dressers. Thank you.

  103. Bee Says:

    I bow to thee oh lord!!!! awesome work Manou 🙂 spent the last hour checking your blog 🙂 too good 🙂 Im a great fan of street fashion and random unplanned pics.. I also love photography and now I know who to look up to 🙂
    I also have a fashion, beauty blog and I promise- my 1 post will be dedicated to street fashion crediting you 🙂
    subscribing 😀

  104. Manou Says:

    Hey Aayushi. Thank you for writing. No I don’t have a team. I work on my own from home and there isn’t really much of a process. It’s just photographing and putting photos up. And I think it’s the same for most bloggers.
    If you’re an aspiring stylist/designer, I suggest you start a blog of your own.

  105. Aayushi Jagad Says:

    Loving your work, read about you in an issue of elle, I’m a groupie… Do you have a team working for you? I’d really like to be a part of your process, im an aspiring stylist and designer, and I’d really like to work for you, learn from you… I’m a quick learner!

  106. Giasaysthat Says:

    Just found your blog.Love what i see here
    Keep it coming! 🙂

  107. KJ Says:

    Hey, I love your shawl pictures in the Shillong section. Thanks for putting them up.

  108. STYLEDRIVE Says:

    hey, just came across your blog and love the idea behind it all! 🙂
    Good going! Goodluck! 🙂

  109. shagun Says:

    u forgot zooey glass and bernard arnault. fabulous work.

  110. priyanka Says:

    had seen you at lakme this time…dint knw ur d force behind tis blog…anyways ..gr8 wrk..

  111. thebilletdoux Says:

    I’ve always wanted to start a streetstyle blog… but I never got around to doing it. It’s a great thing that someone else has! You do have an eye for fashion which is something – ironically – most fashion bloggers severely lack!

    Good luck! 🙂

  112. indihues Says:

    great blog manou.. 🙂

  113. Manou Says:

    Hey! Sorry..I didn’t reply for long. I just didn’t know what to say and how to react..I was looking to say something more profound than just a mere thanks…but I guess I don’t have anything profound to say…so well..thank you all for the comments and appreciation.

  114. Shweta aka Betty Says:

    HEy! saw the betty entry on your blog! loved it, thanks!
    also love the pictures from bunglow 8, fresh and cool..

  115. rolly Says:

    Great work !

  116. Yannique Benitez Says:

    I just came upon your blog. It’s very nice, lovely pictures!

  117. Akshay Says:

    Well, you’re as awesome as awesome one can ever be!
    Great blog man

  118. priyal Says:

    I have been on the lookout for good Indian fashion blogs which are serious fashion and less pretense. Im glad I found this.


  119. niceandnew Says:

    I love your blog! 🙂

  120. Deepti Says:

    Its a priceless experience going through your chic and mind-blowing blog.

  121. Sloni Says:


    Just wanted to let you know that you have an AMAZINGG blog! I love all your articles!!! Hope you’re having a great day =)


  122. Rough Luxe Girl Says:

    Recently came across this blog after reading about it in Indian Express. Really enjoyed reading it, especially the recent post on shoes. I started a blog myself and it’s good to know there’s so much diverse writing on fashion.


  123. shwetha Says:

    Hey Manou,

    Lovely work, well written as well. am glad we have street blogs like yours in india.


  124. color nymph neha Says:

    hey hello, firstly i must say i love your blog!, one of the first indian fashion blogs i truly enjoy, and look forward to all your beautiful pictures, they tell wonderful stories 🙂

    well my name is neha and i am a stylist/designer blah blah blah, 🙂
    and i have just launched my label, i have sent a fb link, please check it out.
    i would absolutely love it if you could put it up on your blog (if u like it , that is) and even if u dont , no worries, its a work in progress, so every week will have something new put up. and im sure something will catch your fancy. 🙂
    and if u like anything and would like to use it for your shoots or something i would be more than happy.
    and also would love some constructive criticism and/or praises. 🙂
    whenever u have the time.
    thank you

    keep the energy flowing through your work. Its great.


  125. noble beeyotch Says:

    I have been following various street style blogs from around the world, all the while wondering why there wasn’t one from India. I mean, we have stylish people too who deserve to be blogged about! So, I can’t tell you how glad I was when a friend told me about your blog. I was all the more delighted when I visited your blog because you are actually doing an awesome job. The street style pics you have are in every sense of the term, inspirational!

    Keep up the good work.
    Swati from http://www.callmestylista.blogspot.com

  126. Vidisha Saini Says:

    Go! Go! says the woman behind the eyepiece.

  127. creatist Says:

    Thanks for replying so quickly.. and for liking my photos 😉
    and my blog is at http://thecreatist.wordpress.com/ 🙂

    Take Care. And keep up the good work.

  128. Manou Says:

    Thank you creatist. I like all your photos in your portfolio..and couldn’t find your wordpress blog.

  129. creatist Says:

    Ok I LOVE this concept..I have always hearted street fashion blogs and tried to start one when I was in Delhi – but I am too scared of people I guess 😛

    I am in Mumbai now.. yet still unsure which city I belong to.. like your photographs.. came via Facebook..

    A fellow blogger, designer, crafter, wannabe photographer 😛

    Will add you on FB. If interested, please check my blog on wordpress or the more updated one at http://darkrainforever.blogspot.com/

    Thanks! And all the best 🙂

  130. Gorgeous Girlie Says:

    Hey interesting blog! IAM BIG on street fashion! You can visit my blog on http://www.girlyhour.com ! Cheers.. 🙂 and i’ll find my way in one of your pics!

  131. Kavita Says:

    Lovely blog. Enjoyed it. 🙂

  132. Tanushree Rao Says:

    Fantastic Manou!! Great compilation,loved the way you have put it.

  133. Neil Dantas Says:

    Did go through your Blog
    & love the compilation
    was glad to even find some of my works there
    worn by a few of them via your pics.

    my introduction: neil dantas
    & you could check out some of my work
    via the website link.
    do check out the product section
    & in it, aLL the products year wise …

    Hope you enjoy them
    & would love to her your coMMents on them asweLL~

    neil dantas

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