Shazia Nabeel | Delhi

What’s the first thing you want people to know about you? Sometimes I talk just to talk. If I am sleep deprived it’s really bad. I am also aggressively opinionated but it’s not that serious.

How would you describe yourself? Indecisive. Kind of anal but don’t have a lot structure in my life.

How would you describe your art and what inspires you? My art is documentary in the sense it is about people in my life and it’s my way to express love for them and make them part of my work. It’s something I’m able to pour my love into by transcribing my feelings through paint, colours, texture. Personal narrative is a big characteristic of my work.

My vague inspirations are Doron Langberg, Jennifer Packer. They are part of Intimism — this small art movement and they are vaguely political is what I like. Also Edouard Vuillard.

What are you currently listening to? Angel by First Aid Kit and Sayonara Pool Boy by Sunny Day Service are on top of my Spotify wrapped.

What music makes you cry? Rose by Briston Maroney used to be my go to cry song.

What was the last film you watched in theatre? Inu-Oh — it was a while ago.

What informs your style. I used to be on tumblr a lot as a kid and watched a lot of youtube(bestdressed) and thats where my inspirations were coming from. I like semi-formals. Structured silhouettes and somewhat business casual – a cute business casual, not something you would actually wear to an office.

Do you remember your last night’s dream? My friend and I were wearing giant hats clipped on to our heads. Other people wanted them and we didn’t want to part with them.

What would you do now? Go out and get dinner with my cousin.

Photographed in Delhi, November 2022.


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