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street style delhi ladakh

Tell me something about yourself.
I’m from Ladakh. I am obsessed with wearing all white. My favourite film is Ghibli’s Kaguya Hime no monogatari. Stereophonics’ Maybe Tomorrow is my morning song. I am fluent in Japanese. My name means one angel in Ladakhi, it was given to me by my parents, and Rigzin Wangmo was given to me by a head monk. I have a pet rabbit who acts like a pup.

What’s the best thing about Ladakh?
It’s so quiet at night that you can hear the leaves move and the sound of water stream from my room.

Tell me more about the rabbit.
He’s called Tashi. He has a balcony full of plants all to himself. We’ve made toys out of cardboard boxes for him to play with. I’m also getting a tunnel made for him.

You know you can train them and apparently you can also teach them to play hide and seek.


Hauz Khas Village, Delhi. October 2015.


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3 Responses to “Lachic | delhi”

  1. SAN_jeet Says:

    Kaguya Hime no monogatari is a gem of Legend Hayao Miyazaki

  2. artofthestreets Says:

    That cat shawl is so adorable! I want one 😀

  3. Avant-garde Says:


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