Introducing Imsu

street fashion delhi india

Likes bad boys, loves Adele; is ODing on ASOS; hates giveaways because she rarely wins, but never misses taking part in any; stuffs herself with digestive biscuits while running out of patience; watches everything that comes on Star World; compromises on other household necessities to buy shoes; loves veg Wai-WaiChaat Masala, and black salt; feels healthy when she eats Kimbap; is immune to caffeine; needs non-sleeping pills to keep her awake in the class; Jack Johnson’s voice makes her all gooey…

street fashion delhi

street fashion delhi india

..believes in online shopping, and forgets about potatoes on stove because of Twitter.

street fashion delhi india

street fashion india

Imsu,20. Student/Fashion blogger

Is wearing: H&M Military Jacket from, Dad’s Rayban Wayfarers, thrifted top, label-less jeans, booties from Missguided, and ASOS pendant.

street fashion blog delhi india

street fashion india

..likes the concept of sitting in her pajamas at home, browsing through clothes/shoes, and having them delivered to her doorstep versus the ordeal of mall shopping, going through hundreds of stores, only to end up with nothing!

..ASOS Tops is the most viewed webpage on her browser, beating Facebook, Twitter, and eBay…to be cont.

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19 Responses to “Introducing Imsu”

  1. Oona Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, Imsu! Btw, Manou, you forgot to mention how brilliant she is in her academics!

    Oh, and for me, it’s mall-hopping over online-shopping any day! :p

  2. Imsu Says:

    Thank youuuu, Manou! :)
    I see Twitter is a great source of getting to know another better. :D

    BTW, I forgot to congratulate you on your feature in Cosmo. Brilliant!

  3. Pranita Kocharekar Says:

    I LOVE your hair,suits your face. :)
    The jacket is SO hot,If its missing-I’v stolen it ! The pants look fab on you too! :) Really chic! :)

  4. Rinchen Says:

    Oh Ims! You look GORGEOUS. I love the black, blue and gold.
    Your jacket suits you perfectly and you looks stunning. I’m running out of words here. :)

    Oh, and not to forget, Jai Ho ASOS. ;)

  5. Rinchen Says:

    Sorry, that was- you look* stunning.
    See how excited you got me Ims with the look. ;)

  6. Classy&fabulous Says:

    I LOVE HER :) !!!

  7. Tanvi Says:

    She is a sweetheart! :)

    ♡ from ©

  8. Rohini Says:


    you look absolutely stunning…
    and love the way Manou has described you:)

    great post!!!

  9. Lesly Says:

    MY NIECE. ;)

    nuff said. hehe …


  10. Abstruse Dreamer Says:

    Imsu, love the jacket! and the jeans, and the booties… okay, yes, i want it ALL! :sigh:

  11. diths Says:

    I love it , the wholesome.

    Especially the 5th picture. with the extar behind her . lol

    awesome capture.

  12. Un moment de mode Says:

    Wow gorgeous photos! I love your style of giving a brief summary and little introduction. Imsu, I am so impressed; stylish, smart, and beautiful!
    Great blog I am so glad I found it!

  13. the nyanzi report Says:

    absolutely spectacular!

  14. Agence hotesses evenementiel Paris Says:

    I LOVE your hair,suits your face! you look absolutely stunning….Especially in the 5th picture!

  15. shooting star Says:

    she’s got a great style..wish u could profile me too as part of ur project!!…

  16. Rajat Says:

    This girl is beautiful she shd be a model. is she a model?

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  18. holito Says:

    wow..imsu..the best

  19. In Conversation with Imsu. Part 1. « Wear about Says:

    […] I blogged about Imsu was a year ago when she was oding on ASOS; she still is. Right after that I lost the sense of time. Photos are […]

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