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Nobody wears pyjamas with shoes anymore.

May 31, 2011

..particularly in reference to black leather shoes..loafers in this case. It’s common to find old men in small cities wearing them with white pyjamas, but very rare in big urban cities…and very rarely would be seen on young men anywhere.

street fashion india

street fashion india
Man on the street. Photographed in Janurary at Bosco square, Laitumkhrah, Shillong.

street fashion mumbai

Dheeman Agarwala. Jacket: Govinda Mehta. Black tee: H&M, Pyjamas: local darzi, Loafers: Red Tape.
Location: Versova, Bombay. Photographed in April for my street style story for Bungalow 8.

Men at Lakmé Fashion Week

May 29, 2011

The trailblazers & the newsmakers, the heart lovers & the heart bearers, the finders & the seekers, the designers & the performers, some old regulars & a few new faces…

lakme fashion week men
Edward Lalrempuia, Darrell Vyd, and Imran Amed of Business of Fashion.

“Leaving the business and catwalk shows aside, the undoubted highlight of my week in Bombay was experiencing the infectious optimism of the people who are shaping the future of Indian fashion at this nascent stage. They might not yet have all the answers, but they are still excited for what lies ahead and seem willing and open to try new things.” Imran was attending fashion week in India after 5 years. Read more…The Fashion Trail | Modern Mumbai and Lakmé Fashion Week.


Rin, 26. Fashion Editor.

divyak d'souza

divyak d'souza fashion blog
Divyak D’souza, 22. Fashion Stylist. 
Spectacles from  Colaba Causeway. Lego heart by Tania. Jacket lining is a 150 Rupee sari that he got from Byculla. He used the leftover fabric to get a dhoti(with an elastic band) stitched, which is yet to make its floral appearance in public.

nikhil d

nikhil d
Nikhil D, 24. Style Editor. 

lakme fashion week india

lakme fashion week india

lakme fashion week india

lakme fashion week india

lakme fashion week india

Darrell Vydelingum

Darrell Vydelingum
Darrell Vydelingum. BLOW PR, London. Jacket from Topman; Scarf from a vintage shop in Paris.

lakme fashion week india

edward lalrempuia

lakme fashion week india

Edward Lalrempuia, 27. Fashion Editor.

elton fernandez indian fashion

lakme fashion week india
Elton Fernandez, 29. Make up artist.

jagvir matharoo
Jagvir Matharoo, 27. Designer.

kawaljit singh
Kawaljit Singh, 55. Designer.

lakme fashion week india

mathieu gugumus

mathieu gugumus
Mathieu Gugumus. Designer for Bungalow 8.

lakme fashion week
Varun Rana’s Bottega Veneta loafers.

atsu sekhose indian fashion designer
Atsu Sekhose, 32. Fashion Designer. The one page long interview that he is giving above can be read here – Indian men should not wear shorts.

indian fashion blog

lakme fashion week india
Anand Kabra, Fashion Designer.

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A rare sight

May 26, 2011

An oversized coat, scarf over a woolen cap, shirt over a sweater, blue lungi over pants, oversized bag, and red gloves – worn out of necessity and privation.

street fashion india

street fashion

Although, the rare sight is not the clothing, but spotting a beggar in Shillong. Very rarely you’d find one on the streets.

Locals say they are less in number because of the cold, elevation of the city(about 1600metres), and absence of rail connectivity. “It’s a good thing that there are no trains else they’d bring more of them. No beggar would want to sit in a bus, or take a cab, just to come all the way to this height to beg!”

Photo taken at the entrance of the Fire Brigade Ground, on one of the days of a 20 day long fair affair, sometime in January.

P.S. Text in quotes is the view of two Shillong locals…and not a general consensus.

Laundry Girl

May 26, 2011

kids street fashion shillong india

kids street fashion india

kids street fashion india

..waiting on the roadside with a bucket, a bundle of clothes, and some detergent. Photo taken in Risa Colony, Shillong.

Polka dots & Peter Pan Collar

May 22, 2011

Polka dots & Peter Pan collar have been bloggers’ staples for the longest time. The collar keeps coming back on the runway, on the carpets, and on the wish list of men who are obsessed with polka dots. Meanwhile the dots have been everywhere from houses, to music videos, to insects….

Below, they can be seen together on a fashion blogger from Singapore; on a fashion blogger from Europe; in the Summer Collection of a London based fashion label-Dahlia; on an 18 year old art student from Wales, here.

peter pan + polka

polka+peter pan

dahlia londondahlia london

However, the point of all that I mentioned so far is that during my stay in Shillong this January, I photographed a girl wearing something similar….

kids street fashion india

kids street fashion india

..and I find it amazing how different people, from different classes of societies, from different countries, geographically and socially oblivious of the other, end up dressing the same.

The girl above works at a tea shop in Laitumkhrah, Shillong.

Rachel M Bayros

May 13, 2011 25 years old. Believes in Karma and loves idli/dosa. Thinks there is no film like Perfume. Loves her boyfriend; minimal electro + anything that’s above 140 bpm. Likes Deepak Chopra’s BuddhaTinu Verghis, and painting portraits. Wanted to be a teacher as a kid. Likes Rajesh Pratap Singh and Sabyasachi. Is inspired by Sapna Kumar and Lakshmi Menon. Has a close connection with nature and prefers simple basic things. Her mom is her best friend. Her first show was for Prasad Bidapa at 18 for 750 Rupees…and has, so far, done about 500+ shows.

rachel bayros fashion model india

I was, and have been a tomboy all my life. I tried to become ladylike in middle but I gave up. I grew up in an estate. Area around our house was vast, with mangroves all around, far away from the usual human intervention. My summer holidays were spent sitting on the trees, in my world, day-dreaming. That’s why I still connect to nature because I grew up in that kind of environment.
In high school I knew I wanted to be a model. My mom was a little confused if she was letting me make the right we fought a lot. But I was adamant about what I wanted to do, and she eventually supported me.

For about three and half years all I did was wake up late at 12, meet up with friends, start hopping pubs and places by it till we’d see people jogging at 5am…and then home. Those were my hay days. But now when I visit Bangalore, in 4 days everything gets dreary, people get drabby. Long ago one could walk in a coffee shop and make 5 new friends with complete strangers..but that sort of thing does not happen anymore.

fashion model rachey bayros

Modelling and dealing with superficiality.
I don’t fit the cookie-cut idea of a model. There’s nothing fair-skinned or doe-eyed about me. And I’m not trying to break or follow any conventions, or prove myself to anyone. So I just work towards absorbing as much as I can, doing what I feel is right for me, and living up to my own expectations.

I think one has to work from within. Forget about the superficiality and find something deeper. I don’t want to change anything about the way I look, and surviving in this industry starts with that kind of belief in yourself. My reasoning is that perfection is so subjective, that you’ll never be able to please everyone.
(above text via Ashita)

rachel bayros in sabyasachi

When I’m walking the runway, I feel like a queen. I am completely oblivious to what’s happening around me. I forget everything else. It gives me a high and I think it’s because I’m too passionate about it.
I have never really fallen on the ramp but have made really weird expressions you know? The kind of expressions you make when you think you’re about to fall..but you don’t really fall?

rachel bayros in sabyasachi

rachel bayros fashion model

Best thing to happen
I’d say exposure, not in terms of media, but in terms of life and experience. If I hadn’t done this I’d have probably been an introvert. Meeting so many people in different phases..being around many creative people..seeing, studying, accepting many things, experiencing all sorts of insecurities, the pretty and ugly side, watching people grow..back out..come back – all that helped me to mould myself through the years. I’d have never been exposed to all this if I wasn’t modeling.
For a long time I hadn’t accepted who I was. I was scared to accept the good bad ugly. I had too many ego issues. But not anymore. Before, saying sorry, was a big deal for me. Now I don’t mind apologizing

rachel bayros manish arora

rachel bayros manish arora

I’d model for maybe for 3-4 years more. I want to start a business on my own. I don’t know what exactly. Maybe textiles? Maybe start a Chai bar? A clothes line? I haven’t studied fashion but I could do it with a friend. I love handicrafts and artisans. I feel they deserve much more than what they get. I’d probably market them abroad. Help build a business for them considering I’m a part of that industry. Then I would love to write a book. More like a biography. Things I have learnt and experienced as a model, as a person, being in this industry. I’d also probably work at a social home by the time I am 35. I want modeling to be a part of my life but not define it.

Fashion blogs/Internet
I’ve no clue about fashion blogs. I rarely buy fashion magazines, and very rarely do anything that has anything to do with fashion. With internet I get bugged pretty quickly. I spend maximum 1 hour a day online and then I get bored.


rachel bayros

rachel bayros fashion model

Runway photos: Myoho SS11. Sabyasachi SS11. Paromita AW10Manish Arora AW10. Manish Malhotra SS11 at LFW.

Color Blocked

May 8, 2011

color blocking trend

color blocking trend

color blocking trendcolor blocking

color blocking trend

color blocking trend

color blocking fashion blog

color blocking trend

color blocking trend india

color blocking trend indian fashion

color block

color blocking india fashion

color blocking

color blocking indian fashion

color blocking indian fashion

color blocking sky

color blocking trend

color blocked wall

color blocking

Orange wall & blue windows – school in AurovilleCarrot from D-Mart. Dairy wall in Versova. Bhakti from FrancePacman from The Wall Project. Shruti’s skirt and top from Zara. Beret & phone receiver from Chor Bazaar. Sky from ShillongGrass from Dharamsala. Runway photos from Shivan & Narresh’s Summer ’11 collection at LFW. Horse from a pony farm in Pune. Pipes & knobs on an under-construction building. Two year old dusk sky from Bombay. Blue green mini dumpsters from 7 Bungalows. ‘Aur’ from a Pushkar roof-top restaurant. Pot belly from Shillong.

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Boot Boys & Recycling Girls

May 7, 2011

street fashion shillong india

street fashion blog

street kids mumbai

street kids mumbai fashion

Boys from Shillong and girls from Bombay. The boys work as helpers at a shoe-shop/restaurant. The girls are rag-pickers. They collect paper, plastic, glass, electronics, and other recyclable material off the streets.

Introducing Imsu

May 2, 2011

street fashion delhi india

Likes bad boys, loves Adele, watches everything on Star World, compromises on other household necessities to buy shoes, loves veg Wai-Wai, is immune to caffeine, Jack Johnson’s voice makes her all gooey.

street fashion delhi india

street fashion india

Imsu,20. Student/Fashion blogger

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