The luxury of not caring

Koos Faber, Rad Hourani, Steve Strange, Klaus Nomi, Ville valo, Michael monroe & Helmut Newton all have three things in common – they’re all men, icons of androgyny in modern culture and not from India. Then I came across some small text written by who knows who, “Androgyny was found to be more predominant in certain traditional cultures such as India, was particularly predominant among Indian males, and it wasn’t a product of western culture.”

So where’re all the androgynous Indian men? Not like there is a database for them but I performed a search and found nothing. I can’t think of any Indian actors or musicians. But there’re some designers. (names please?). My knowledge about designers is limited and maybe they’re not talked about in this context but I’d like to know if you know. Quite a long introduction, but that was all to say that I found an androgynous person. And it’s a boy!!

Vir is a club kid(with traces of Macaulay Culkin’s character from Party Monster) & an Unidentified Modeling Object in his own right. His hairdo is similar to what Kristen Stewart has been sporting lately and they both are oblivious to this fact. His friends claim he exudes style. People usually confuse him for a girl. I did too.

“Yes that happens a lot and there’s nothing i could do but laugh.”

“Music, film & fashion industries have  always played an influential role in advancing a challenging perspective on human sexuality for modern times. In the 1980s, androgynous musicians — Boy George, David Bowie, and Prince — made headlines as they captured the world’s fascination with sexual ambiguity.”

Somehow, I wish this was true for India as well. I wish the film & music industry could inspire a trend towards self-exploration emphasizing individual freedom and self-realization, blurring the line between feminine and masculine fashion.

“Vir started working as a make-up artist around two and a half years ago and in time, diversified into doing hair and fashion styling because of the demand generated by his friends.

“I did my first make-up assignment for a friend when I was 16. She was going for a birthday party…something pink and silver…is all that i remember of it.”

Vir says, most of his clothes are from Mango because they suit his body type, his style, and are comfortable.
“An androgynous style would lack an open expression of ‘womanhood’ or ‘manhood’ and would not necessarily accentuate masculine or feminine features but rather celebrate the idea of just being.”

doo doo doo – doo doo doo doo…you’ve got your mother in a whirl. She’s not sure if you’re a boy or a girl.
– David Bowie
Striped shirt > United Colors Of Benetton
High-waist balloon 3/4ths > Mango
Belt > Charles & Keith
Python leather clutch > Aldo
Metal studded blue booties > Nine West
Aviators > Dolce&Gabbana

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15 Responses to “The luxury of not caring”

  1. Upasana Says:

    I love the pictures which have Vir against the paintings, super love !!

  2. Zoya Says:

    This is by far one of the most interesting blogs I have come across. I love the variety of style covered!

    Vir has got an incredible sense of style – unique, inspiring and original!

    Looking forward to more updates.

  3. Karishma Says:

    Great shots man. I like.

  4. Arif Says:


  5. Glendy Says:

    Wow he is amazing and he looks fab! I’m glad you touched on this topic I am currently working on some old 80’s glam boys I’ve re-discovered like Marilyn, Boy George’s mentor lol. Thanks for sharing this!

    Much love,
    Glendy ❤

  6. Spardha Says:

    I really like that david bowie quote!
    I think the look is quite great only he’s a little too skinny for this outfit..
    but nevertheless good choice of accessories!

  7. Spardha Says:

    Oh and the androgynous designers.. well Gaurav Gupta, Nitin Bal Chauhan …. will share when i think of more!

  8. tanvi @ now craving Says:

    Great post about an interesting topic! I’m totally fascinated by Vir.

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  11. noble beeyotch Says:

    He looks really stylish! This blog is just fabulous!

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