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Divrina & Pablo | Art of the Trench

June 9, 2014

art of the trench
Divrina Dhingra. Writer/reader/water baby.
Pablo. Dog.

Photographed in Delhi in November 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Nikhil D | Art of the Trench

April 25, 2014

street fashion mumbai india
Nikhil D. Works as a fashion stylist. Does not eat fruits. Is currently listening to Nils Frahm.

Photographed in Delhi in 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Edward Lalrempuia | Art of the Trench

March 11, 2014

street style india
Edward Lalrempuia. Mizo. Works as a fashion stylist. Is addicted to his phone.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Sharon Crawford | Art of the Trench

March 5, 2014

street style mumbai india

Growing up in Pakistan and attending a little boarding school hidden in the foothills of the Himalayas, I started off a far cry from the world of fashion and design though I loved sketching, painting, and shopping for fabric at the night bazaars. With the lights ablaze on all the sparkling bangles, I would sit enchanted as roll after roll of embroidered chiffons, silks, and cottons would be unfurled in front of us to choose fabrics for new salwar kameezes. 

When I was about 12, a family friend asked me if there was anything she could bring back from a visit to the UK and for some reason I asked for a fashion magazine. She brought me back a copy of Vogue and although she had ripped out all the pages with nudity, it was the most intriguing thing I had ever seen.” 

Sharon Crawford, 29. Fashion Stylist.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

Neha Dhupia | Art of the Trench

March 1, 2014

Street fashion mumbai india

Neha Dhupia. Miss India 2002 / Bollywood Actor.

Photographed in Bandra, Bombay in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

Monica Dogra | Art of the Trench

February 23, 2014

monica dogra street style mumbai
Monica Dogra/Shaair. Seed Planter/ Music Maker/ Actor/ Activist

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry|Art of the Trench.

recent stuff & plans | August

August 24, 2013

There is an Indian Street Style post on BuzzFeed made of my photos(mostly). Take a look.

Jonathan Longuet, a French artist, is making life size paintings of my photographs for an exhibition in Delhi. A rough draft.

Some of my photos were part of a street photography exhibit at Artscape, Baltimore.

Wearabout was on Tasveer Journal sometime ago.

I have an 8 page street style story in GQ India this month.

I have to interrupt my Northeast updates for now. They will have to wait. I was too slow miscalculated my blogging speed. WIll get on with it again in September.

Fashion week in Bombay started yesterday. Will be blogging from there.

Contemplating a giveaway. Would anyone be interested in old looking clothes & books?

Looking forward to leaving Bombay again in October & travel for maybe 6 months. My lease gets over; which is a great thing. The best. Looking at Dharamsala, Calcutta, & Sikkim. Maybe down south.

Also, I’m looking for someone to help me organize all my images and edit a lot of text. You get paid but it’s not much money. If you’re interested, write to me at wearabout at gmail

We Need To Talk About Northeast India

July 6, 2013

street style woman aizawl india

Hey Guys. This entire month I’ll be blogging about the people I photographed whilst travelling in the Northeast* India last year (Nov ’12-March ’13).

Along with that I’m also compiling everything that I’ve got from the Northeast (photographs & views) in one place and either make a pdf or a one-off ezine out of it. I might even get it printed. It’s sort of a publishing experiment really.

However, my perspective is slightly limited, so I’m looking for potential contributors.

If you have a story, illustration, photograph, poem, map, or anything having to do with people, culture(way of living/social habits/fashion) from the Northeast, please get in touch. My email is: wearabout at gmail dot com. (The material should be your own and not published anywhere else. You’ll be credited.)
Please use the subject line**: ezine/wearabout

You can send me old photographs of people/streets/houses too — it’ll be great to compare and use them with what I have photographed. This is only limited to Shillong, Kohima, Dimapur, Mokokchung, Aizawl, as I only covered these places.
Please use the subject line**: blog/wearabout

I think it will be great to do this because Northeast India is fairly unexplored. People are interested in this side of the country considering the response I got for the first posts I ever did about Shillong(they were the most shared posts on my blog), and more recently ‘Northeast Cosmo feature‘ was the most shared image on my facebook page.

*I understand Northeast India is big and some people are sensitive about me calling the three states I visited, Northeast (considering the comments on the Cosmo image) but geographically that’s where they are. Right? And why I didn’t go to all the northeast states? It is because I was on my own, had a limited budget, and time constraints. 

**subject line is just to make it easier for me to filter my mails

These are a few photos from my trip (for your reference). I think the way people dress, the way the streets look, the way the houses look, all together help to give an idea of what a place is all about. Primarily, that is what I am really interested in.

woman street shillong

house in meghalaya india

house in meghalaya india

kuvelu tetseo sisters nagaland

fashion dimapur india

dimapur wednesday market

impur india

house in ungma nagaland

miss nagaland imlibenla

mokokchung town

aizawl street market

aizawl street market

aizawl street india

aizawl girls street style

aizawl city full moon india

Photos: Old woman crossing a street in Aizawl. Woman at a shop on the way to Shillong. Clothes line in a country house in Meghalaya. Countryside hut in Meghalaya. A folk singer on her house terrace in Kohima. A 13 year old girl at a photo shoot in Dimapur. A woman going through clothes at the Wednesday Market in Dimapur. Street in Impur, Nagaland. A house in Ungma Village, Nagaland. Imlibenla at her house in Mokokchung. View of Mokokchung town. Street side shops in Aizawl. A street in Aizawl. Teenage Mizo girls in Aizawl. Aizawl city on a full moon night. 

All photos were taken by me between November 2012 to March 2013.

I’m not sure how it will turn out to be (depends on the contributions), but I’m excited about this.

PS If you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas, send me an email or write in the comment section below.

Elton Fernandez|Art of the Trench

November 13, 2012

elton fernandez make up artist mumbai 2011

elton fernandez make up artist mumbai 2011

Elton Fernandez. Make-up artist/hair stylist.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011. These photos are from the Art of the Trench project I worked on for Burberry about a year agi. I’m currently in the process of putting them all up.

A collaboration & a curtain.

March 2, 2012

Sometime last year, I worked with people from Somesuch & Co. & BMB agency on a project for Cobra beer. They were shooting Cobra tv commercial in Bombay meant for UK television+making a city guide on fashion, food, and music for The Guardian website.

I was one of the collaborators along with B.L.O.T. & Vandana Verma(watch their films here & here). All 3 short films were directed by George Belfield & shot by Simon Pinfield.

The city guide on fashion that I worked on is here. Link. It has nervous me talking about what I do on this blog..+ shooting a lookbook for Nor Black Nor White in Dadar flower market, talking to Bandana Tewari & Little Shilpa..and just generally hanging out on the streets..

little shilpa workshop
Little Shilpa’s work desk.

dadar flower market india street

dadar flower market india street

street fashion india dadar

street fashion india dadar flower market

street fashion india dadar flower market

priyanka bose dadar flower market

priyanka bose dadar flower market
Priyanka Bose in NorBlackNorWhite at Dadar Flower Market.

street style mumbai dadar flower market

dadar flower market india street

simon and george

simon and george
Simon & George at Simon & George in Colaba.

I also did street casting for the tv commerical(I’m also in it), & was helped by my friend Paloma(she knew all the ‘coolest’ kids).

street fashion india

street fashion india

street fashion india

street style india

street style mumbai
Alisha Netalkar. Trey Munroe. Shreya Dube. Gitanjali Dang. Rahul Chhab.
At the trials/auditions in Versova.

street fashion india

street fashion india
This boy is wearing his own stuff.

street style india

street style india
Daniel Wolfe filming AJ at the trials.

worli view sea link
On the day of the shoot. 6a.m. call time. This is at 7.

street style india

street fashion india

street fashion india
Namita Sekhar.

rachel bayros fashion model india
Rachel Bayros.

street style india vandana verma

street fashion india
Vandana Verma.

street style india
Amrita Bagchi.

street fashion india

street fashion india
Saurabh Saple.

street fashion india

street fashion

street fashion india

street fashion mumbai

street fashion india

street fashion india

shooting at vt

Most of the TVC was shot at VT station, on a moving train, & at an abandoned station about 3 hours away from Bombay.

abandoned station


street fashion india

After 40 days of field work and two months of post-production, the video is finally up. It’s called The Train. Watch it here. Directed by Daniel Wolfe, ex-chef, also known as the “problem director.” Styled by Hannah Edwards, who also recently styled MIA’s Bad Girls video.

street style india

fashion mumbai

street fashion india

It’s too late to call this a preview. It was meant to be one.

Lakme Fashion Week started today. I’m supposed to be at the venue. Instead, I’m sitting in my room and staring at this curtain.

my room


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