Sarah-Jane Dias | Street Style Pune

March 18, 2014

street style pune india
Sarah-Jane Dias, 31. Miss India 2007/VJ/ Bollywood actor.

Photographed at NH7 festival in Pune in 2012.

Gitanjali Dang | Street Style Pune

March 18, 2014

street style pune india
Gitanjali Dang, 30. Writer/Curator/Dog Walker. 

Keeps going to back to The City by Cavafy. Finds it awfully boring to take photos. Likes to vanish. Currently living in Benares and working on a short fiction.

Photographed at NH7 festival in Pune in 2012.

Working Class | Street Style Aizawl

March 17, 2014

street fashion mizoram
Mizo woman.

Photographed in February 2012 at New Market, Aizawl.

Layap Woman | Street Style Bhutan

March 16, 2014

street fashion bhutan

Layap Woman. The Layap are indigenous people inhabiting the high mountains of northwest Bhutan.

“The dress of the Layap women consists of yak wool garments with a distinctive conical pointed hat (that is unique to Laya). The hat is the same hat in which they were banished from Tibet in the 15th century and they continue to wear it to this day. If they fail to wear the hat they believe they will upset the village spirits.”

Photographed at the Punakha festival in Punakha, Bhutan.

Bhutanese Woman | Street Style Bhutan

March 14, 2014

street style thimphu bhutan

street style thimphu bhutan
75 year old Bhutanese woman. 

Wearing Wonju and Kira – the national dress for women in Bhutan.

Photographed after her prayers outside the Chorten in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Eastern Naga Man

March 13, 2014

naga man street fashion nagaland india
Eastern Naga man. (Either Sangtam or Chang.) Is wearing a wild boar tusk necklace, warrior headgear with hornbill feather, body sash, and ivory armlets.

Photographed in December 2012 at the Hornbill Festival. Inputs from Mercy Tetseo.

Ao Naga | Naga Shawls

March 11, 2014

ao naga man

ao naga shawl
Ao Naga men.

Photographed in January 2013 in Mokokchung/Kohima.

Edward Lalrempuia | Art of the Trench

March 11, 2014

street style india
Edward Lalrempuia. Mizo. Works as a fashion stylist. Is addicted to his phone.

Photographed in Bandra in 2011 for Burberry Art of the Trench.

Bhutanese Women | Street Style Bhutan

March 9, 2014

bhutan street fashion
Bhutanese women. In their 60s. Or 70s. They weren’t sure.

Wearing Togeo and Kira – the national dress for women in Bhutan.

Photographed outside the Chorten in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Everyday Wear | Street Style Bhutan

March 9, 2014

bhutan street fashion

bhutan street fashion
Bhutanese man in Gho – the national dress for men in Bhutan.

Photographed outside the Chorten in Thimphu, Bhutan.


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